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OCD are a small games design company based in SE England. Our flagship product is the obSESSION Cross-Genre RPG System but we also make a small number of card games and have plans for further expansion.

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Revisit (or discover for the first time) the joys of simple dungeon crawling with the

Simple Fantasy range for the obSESSION™ Cross-Genre Roleplaying System.

Simple Fantasy provides all of the extra rules you need to run fantasy dungeoneering adventures using the Core Rulebook or any obSESSION System game, including a detailed guide to building your own dungeons.

Once you have started your career with Simple Fantasy, why not expand your options with further books from the Fantasy Professions range. Each book covers a broad category of “adventurer” types, providing a number of professions spread among the standard obSESSION Classes. Also included in each of the FP books are New rules and guidelines appropriate to the type of characters covered, and FP2 Wizards & Priests includes a Full grimoire of useful fantasy spells to equip your adventurers with.

Simple Fantasy