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OCD are a small games design company based in SE England. Our flagship product is the obSESSION Cross-Genre RPG System but we also make a small number of card games and have plans for further expansion.

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AXE’s easy to learn dice pool mechanic* and streamlined, classless character creation allow you to get into the game and start playing in a matter of minutes. Not only that but the game is easily customised to fit the world of your choice, whether you want to tweak the official ‘AXE Realms’ setting or create your own world entirely from scratch, and the unique Challenge system encourages role-play and increased player involvement in an ongoing campaign.

* Assign dice from your character’s pool, add dice from Skills, Traits & Powers then roll the dice and total the results.

The AXE Realms are the official setting for the AXE RPG and a world overview will be included in the core rulebook. Further detail will be released in a series of supplements, starting with the ‘Menace Of the Overlord’ Scenario Pack. This pack will detail the Kingdoms of Santrias and Irria, the neighbouring Kamin Plain, Shadowlands and Gamin Hills and, of course, the Desolation of The Overlord himself. It will also include scenario ideas and hooks along with a campaign outline covering the Overlord’s renewed interest in the beleaguered Kingdom of Santrias.

Get In The Game The AXE Playtest is happening now. Download the Playtest Packet to get the opening scenario and enough rules to create a party of adventurers and start playing. Return the enclosed Response Form to receive the next part of the Playtest Campaign.