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OCD are a small games design company based in SE England. Our flagship product is the obSESSION Cross-Genre RPG System but we also make a small number of card games and have plans for further expansion.

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Well, that’s cool - that’s what we wrote it for. Anyone who has ever played an RPG knows that the easiest

way to learn is to play with someone who already knows how. Since obSESSION™ is new to the market you

probably won’t find these experienced obSESSION™ gamers in your area so this page is your surrogate “friend

who plays obSESSION™“. You can also read the obY In One Page document found here.

So the first thing you probably want to know is “What’s this game about?”. The truth is that obSESSION™ is about whatever you want it to be about. The system will support whatever you want. We can’t explain the specifics of how super-strength works or how high fantasy spells work here but that’s okay, because obSESSION™ is also consistent so, for the most part, how one thing works is how everything works. The three things you need to know first are explained below. Once they make some kind of sense to you, click here to move on.

What the heck is a

Role-Playing Game?

If you have somehow found your way here with no prior knowledge of RPGs then we congratulate you - you are in the process of discovering one of the most rewarding hobbies available. A Role-Playing Game (or RPG) is a game in which each Player takes on the role of a single Character, much as an actor does in a play or film. Unlike actors, however, you have total control over what your Character thinks, says and does.

A set of rules, commonly known as a “system” and based around one or more “mechanics” determines how well your Character can perform certain actions. Don’t worry about that though, because these are simply names for common sense things you will hardly ever think about in the game. You just react to the situations you are presented with and decide what your Character does.

Characters, Monsters

and Artefacts

Everything in obSESSION™ is either a Character, Monster or Artefact but, to be honest, only the GM really needs to worry about these. If you really want to know, check the obY In One Page download.

Dice Pool Rolls & Saving Throws

Whenever your Character carries out a task which they could fail you will roll dice to determine the result. This will take the form of a Skill Roll, an Attribute Roll or a Combined Roll, all of which use the same method which is known as a Dice Pool Roll. I mention the names here only so you recognise them, at this level they mean the same thing.

To make a Dice Pool Roll you take a number of ten-sided dice and roll them. For each die which is higher than four you get one Success. If you roll at least one Success then you have, naturally, succeeded. The more you get, the better you have performed the task.

The number of dice in your Pool is determined by your Character’s Attributes and Skills. This isn’t important right now.

Whenever you attempt a task where success is in doubt you will, as described above, make a Dice Pool Roll but sometimes you need to resist someone else’s action. You may be resisting an attempt to punch you, or to throw you off a roof or you may be resisting a persuasion attempt or magical effect. In many situations this resistance takes the form of a Dice Pool Roll of your own but you may be required to make a Saving Throw. To do this you roll a number from 1 to 100, trying to get equal to or less than one of your Attributes in order to succeed.

Continue to more advanced play here. Wanna know more about Role-Play? Click here.