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OCD are a small games design company based in SE England. Our flagship product is the obSESSION Cross-Genre RPG System but we also make a small number of card games and have plans for further expansion.

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The obSESSION™ Cross-Genre Roleplaying System

“Everything in the multiverse, ever. Some assembly required.”

What is obSESSION?

obSESSION™is a Roleplaying Game System and Toolkit by Gavin L G Steele. Those of you who know what an RPG is can skip to the next section, for the rest of you....

At it's heart, role-playing is a form of cooperative storytelling in a game-play environment. Each player takes control of a single character within the story, one of the chief protagonists, and controls that character's actions throughout the game. Dice are commonly, though not exclusively, used to determine the outcome of events and various problems and opponents will need to be overcome during the course of the story. Anyone who has ever played "Cowboys & Indians" or "Cops & Robbers", whether as a child themselves or while entertaining a child, has essentially played a role-playing game without the benefit of the rules framework that exists in hobby games to keep things fair and balanced.

obSESSION™ is the new name for CMGR, the "pet system" that Gavin was developing both before and during his time with Chablis Roleplaying Productions. Based on the never-released Diet CMGR the obSESSION Core Rulebook provides everything needed to begin gaming with this excellent system, including...

Later releases in the obSESSION range will provide more detailed optional rules for Combat, Magic, Character creation and more.

The obSESSION Core Rulebook.

obSESSION™ is more than just a Role Playing Game, it is a set of core mechanics designed for use with any setting, genre or game style. The fully expandable rules contained in this book are adjustable for a variety of playing styles and can be used to model any reality that the GM or designer can imagine.

Additional optional rules from Obsessive Compulsive Design are fully compatible with the rules found within, expanding upon rather than contradicting the core rules and ensuring that any optional expansion is usable with any obSESSION game, not just one or two.

GMs and designers can choose the level of realism they desire and balance it against a number of player-friendly options to create the game and experience that they want. By building from a consistent base model of reality obSESSION allows for the rules or settings to be "tweaked" without losing compatibility. It's internal consistency also allows for a minimum of mechanics to cover a maximum array of potential situations and makes "on-the-fly" rules decisions simple.

Add to that the OCD Open Rules Policy and you have an essential tool kit for the creation of game settings or even complete games, whether for personal use or for publication.

This toolkit is designed with experienced role-players in mind, but individual games written using obSESSION™ are suitable for any level of play.

Buy PDF @ DTRPG Buy P.O.D. @ Lulu NB. The Core Rulebook is slated to be replaced with the Revised Players Handbook This product is 100% compatible with existing obY released but is designed for ease of use