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Welcome to the AXE Playtest.

In this .zip file you should find the following contents...

If any of these files are missing please bring it to my attention by email or elsehow.

We recommend that you look through the files in approximately the order given above, at least as far as AXEPT01_Mohray.pdf. This file contains the actual scenario for the first playtest.

Two variant character sheets are provided, use whichever you prefer and feel free to send feedback of their usefulness to us. A good character sheet can make or break a game in play and we want AXE to play with as few delays and problems as possible.

We hope you enjoy playing AXE and that the Mohray House scenario gives you something to sink your teeth into. The challenge level is fairly low, since we expect you to be learning the rules but there are opportunitites for combat, role-play, investigation and old school dungeon exploration within the scenario.

There are also a number of additional Encounters at the back of the AXEPT01_Mohray file, intended to give you a little extra play time and for experienced GMs to tweak the scenario with.

Play. Enjoy. Give Feedback.

But most of all, enjoy.

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