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OCD are a small games design company based in SE England. Our flagship product is the obSESSION Cross-Genre RPG System but we also make a small number of card games and have plans for further expansion.

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Who is/are Obsessive Compulsive Design?

OCD is the brainchild of Gavin Steele, an obsessive gamer with over twenty-five years of experience under his belt. Formerly one of the partners in Chablis Roleplaying Productions, Gavin came out of that company's demise with his own pet system, then called CMGR and now renamed obSESSION™as his own intellectual property.

Currently Gavin is alone in OCD, but he hopes to persuade other fresh talent in the gaming universe to collaborate with him on the design of obSESSION™ System games for commercial publication along with some card and board games for good measure. Gavin is also offering his expertise, as OCD, to other designers who hope to produce games, whether using obSESSION™ or another system.

"Affiliate members" of OCD include the entirety of the HinT gaming group, with whom Gavin plays. Of particular note is Linda Evans, Gavin's former business partner and the bouncing board for most of his crazed explorations into the nature and applicability of rules.

In addition to his long-term love affair with all manner of games, Gavin  is an avid reader, quite a keen photographer  and has a curious personality (ie “is a nosy parker”). He can sometimes be found sitting outside local cafes on sunny days, simply watching the world go by… okay, watching the world go by while tweaking game rules in his head or on a notepad.

Most Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays find Gavin playing role-playing and other games in a semi-regular group going by the name of HinT (Hobbygamers in Thanet) who are always keen to meet new players should anyone in the area wish to get in touch.