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OCD are a small games design company based in SE England. Our flagship product is the obSESSION Cross-Genre RPG System but we also make a small number of card games and have plans for further expansion.

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Advanced20 Beta SRD Files…

Advanced20 is currently still in testing but there is enough information available to indulge yourself in the playtest if you are already familiar with the 3rd edition or 3.5 rules (including Pathfinder™ with some adjustment). The list of files to the right represent the progress so far on the A20 SRD, feel free to grab any or all of them (remembering the ‘all-important’ OGL) and implement whatever rules you feel like testing into your own games.

Areas Of Particular Interest…

Pathfinder™ is a trademark of Paizo Publishing LLC and is used here for reference without permission. No connection between OCD and Paizo should be implied.